The registered agent is responsible for accepting legal and tax documents from the state government on behalf of the company. These documents include franchise tax notifications, deadline notices for annual report filings and service of process documents for lawsuits.

While an LLC could serve as its own registered agent, it is usually better to name a third party. As the official party named to receive legal documents — such as notice of pending lawsuits and official state notifications — the registered agent has important legal responsibilities and corresponding liability.

In each state your business operates, you’ll need to register with that state, and in every state you register, you need a registered agent with a physical location in that state. For this reason, many business owners choose to hire registered agent services in order to comply with state regulations and to be sure all important notices to the business are kept in one place, with their registered agent.

A registered agent not only needs a physical location, but they need to be available during regular business hours to accept service of process and official notices from the state. Some business owners who aren’t available during business hours opt for registered agent services, so they can maintain irregular work hours.

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